My Friend Jeff (The Jeff Goldblum Painting Song)
A weekly sketch by Cheeky Moon. Music by Matt Cornah (Cobley).

Several years ago, three friends and I pooled our money to purchase the original oil painting of Ian Malcolm: From Chaos.  This loving tribute to Jeff Goldblum was painted by John Larriva for “The JP Show”, brandonbird's people-only Jurassic Park themed exhibition, and has since gone on to modest internet fame.

Ian Malcolm From Chaos

The original now lives in Australia, where it’s routinely exchanged between owners (often in a public place) in a tradition affectionately known as #TheGoldblumTransfer.

The Goldblum Transfer

The Goldblum Transfer

The Goldblum Transfer

The number of owners has since expanded to five through marriage and will soon reach six through the miracle of childbirth.  There is talk among the soon-to-be parents of taking it into the maternity ward.

All in all, purchasing a lavish oil painting of Jeff Goldblum is a life decision we can wholeheartedly recommend to anyone.

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You can follow the further adventures of The Goldblum via this tumblr, via fellow owner rivaldojo, or simply by searching for #TheGoldblumTransfer on your social network of choice.  It also makes regular cameos on our weekly comedy channel, Cheeky Moon Productions.

If you, too, would like a little Goldblum in your life, please support the artist and purchase a high-res print.



Identity Crisis.

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A special holiday treat, just for you.

Andrew McIlvaney, legendary microblogger and crooner, is giving away the title track of his festive album, Snowy Flakes and Fruity Cakes, completely free of charge!  Have a very merry Christmas, and God bless us.  Every one.

Lyrics and lead vocals by Andrew McIlvaney
Music and production by Alastair Craig


Snowy flakes, fruity cakes
The holidays are here
It’s a joyous Christmas quake
That happens once a year

Reindeer angels singing hymns
On a giant glove
Candy buns, mittened limbs
In a chimney full of love

Oh each year I dream for snowfall
Then watch my dreams melt under the sun

Spread the warmth, of the fire
All across the town
Burning spirits of the choir
You’ll never see a frown

Stockings, kids, flashing lights,
Tunnels in the snow
Stay out there until the night
You’re warm before you go

No time to sleep with Christmas so close
Time is of the essence at can’t you see?!

Hide some bells, in your shoes
To brighten up your sole
Pour glitter, in your booze
Light up your drinking hole

Just do flips, all the time
Build chimneys for the poor
Always speak in a rhyme
And buy a Mandarin orange

How I wish that Jesus was born
Every single day
Snowy flakes
Fruity cakes
Oh what a merry

(Oh what a merry)

Oh what a merry time


MacGuffin’s Curse - Tim Schafer Trailer

It’s been an absolute honour to help out with writing, PR and lawsuit-friendly game trailers for MacGuffin’s Curse

Buy it now for PC, Mac, iPhone or iPad.  For just a couple of dollars you’ll get a huge game, huge laughs and the huge gratitude of a small indie developer!


Trial of the Time-Crosser II - THE VERDICT

Our previous post showcased a harrowing, atmospheric and entirely dramatic monologue.

Contrary to our previous work, it contained zero cheap running gags and was completely devoid of silly voices.

This cannot be allowed to stand.

We hope you enjoy this CUH-RAYZEE NEW ENDING!

An improvised epilogue by Matt Cornah.  Music and production by Alastair Craig.  Guest-starring Tim Morrison as The Announcer.

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Trial of the Time-Crosser

Standing trial for an unforgivable murder, a polite, well-dressed man addresses the jury.  These are the five strange minutes that follow.

Listener Advisory:
This dramatic monologue contains disturbing themes and language.

It’s very good, though!

Written by Andrey Summers. Performed by Matt Cornah. Music and production by Alastair Craig.

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LEAKED!  Audio Recording of “Spider Man 4”

Comedian and musician Matt Cornah recently snuck a tape recorder into a preview screening of the upcoming motion film "Spider-Man 4".

Is he man or is he spider?
The truth might just amaze you.

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Sketch and theme song written and performed by Matt Cornah.
Character of “The Elephant Man” developed with Mike Cobley.
Incidental music and arbitrary production by Alastair Craig.


Rinse Your Anxiety Away

A relaxation tape.

You, and I, and the good people at the Clairol division of Procter and Gamble, are about to take a journey away from your troubles.


Written and read by Andrew McIlvaney of Foul Papers.
Produced and scored by Alastair Craig for Rubber Chicken Audio.
Additional voices by Chad McCanna.

Adapted from A Series of Haikus Which, From What I Have Discerned, Contain Only Words Found on Shampoo Bottles.

Not commissioned or endorsed by Clairol Shampoo.

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